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You can watch our short video below or follow the instructions of this guide, where we go through the menu of Customiser.

Navigate to Appearance and click on Customize from your WordPress admin panel.

1. Site Identity: This is where you can edit your logo, site title and site icon.

2. Menus: This is where you can select which menu appears in which location of your theme and edit menus.

3. Widgets: This is where you can customise widgets. Widgets are easily managed and useful to have in your website.

4. Homepage Settings: Here you can customise what you want to display in the homepage of your website.

5. WooCommerce: Here you can customise your Store Notice (use it to show promotions to the visitors as text will be shown site-wide if enabled), Product Catalog (choose what to display on the main shop page, how many products per row or page), Product Images and Checkout.

6. Additional CSS: You can add your own CSS code here to customize the appearance and layout of your site.


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