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Here you can learn about the WooCommerce plugin, its settings and the Products Page. For further information about WooCommerce, check its WordPress page here. You can watch our video or go through our short guide below.

1. Navigate to WooCommerce and Dashboard from your WordPress admin panel. The available charts (Sales, Tax, Returns, Orders) will help you follow your store’s performance.

2. The Orders option of the WooCommerce plugin menu takes you to your orders. As soon as an order is being placed it will appear here.

3. Go to Settings under WooCommerce and edit settings such as Currency Options, Payment methods, edit Shipping Zones and other.

4. Customise your products page by going to Products from your admin panel. Add or edit the product’s description, price and other information such as products you want to link as Bought Together, shipping or stock status. Change a product’s image or add/ remove gallery images by clicking on it in the right hand side of the page as seen in the second picture below..

5. Remember to click Update on the top right side of the page to save your changes.

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