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1. Solify Installation

If you’ve purchased Solify WooCommerce Theme, you’ll need to use the upload method from your WordPress dashboard to install your theme.

You can watch our helpful short video below or you can follow the instructions of this guide, where we go through the essential steps required to start building your website using the Solify theme. We will show you how to install the theme, import the included demo content and install the required plugins.

1. Log into your WordPress website and go to AppearanceThemes

2. Next, click Add New, and on the next page Upload Theme to upload the zip file of the Solify WooCommerce Theme to your website from your computer

3. Select the file from your local drive and click Install Now to add the theme to your website. If you want to see how your website will look using the uploaded theme, click Live Preview

5. Lastly, click Activate to make the theme ready to go on your website.

You are now ready to Begin Installing Plugins which are necessary for the theme to function properly.

2. Installing Required Plugins

After activating your theme, you should now see a notification that required plugins need to be installed. Please install and activate all of the required plugins, since they are necessary for the theme to function properly. Please note that all the required plugins are bundled with the theme and affect its basic functionality. Recommended plugins on the other hand, just add some additional functionality and can be bought or downloaded for free.

1. Click on Begin Installing Plugins

2. A list of Plugins will appear. Check the Plugins box to select them all and then click Install and Apply. There will be a short wait but just enough to have a sip of coffee and a croissant bite, so nothing to worry about!

3. After installing all the Plugins, and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you should see the message “All installations have been completed”. Now click on the Return to Required Plugins Installer

4. Now check the Plugins box to select them all and then click Activate and Apply

You should get a notification that “The following plugins were activated successfully“. You can now click on Return to the Dashboard link below the notification. You will be prompted to set up your WooCommerce store but for now click on Not right now link as we will set up this later (click here to see now how to set up your WooCommerce store).

2. Importing Demo Content

We will now explain how to import Solify WooCommerce Theme demo content to use as a starting point, which you may modify later to suit your needs.

1. To import Demo Content, navigate to Appearance and click on Import Demo Data from your WordPress admin panel

2. Click again on the Import Demo Data button on the new page that opens up and wait until the import process finishes

You will be prompted to check your page and make sure that everything has been imported correctly. After importing the demo content you will need to set up the slider separately.

3. Using Solify Theme

1. Enable Mega Menu Settings

To assign a menu to a theme location and enable the Mega Menu settings you need to:

1. Navigate to Appearance and click on Menus. This is where you can edit menus and manage locations

2. Click on the Manage Locations tab to select Main menu in the Assigned Menu list. This will assign the main menu to the main menu theme location and press Save Changes

3.  Then click on Edit Menus tab to enable the Mega Menu settings. Check the Enable box, edit the settings according to your personal preferences, click Save and again Save Menu on the right corner of this page

2. Importing Slider

You can import your slider by navigating to Smart Slider from your WordPress admin panel. Once you navigate to Smart Slider, click on the Import Slider button on the top right corner of the dashboard as seen below.

A new page will open up where you can choose a file to upload and use as your slider. After choosing your file, enable the options Delete file after import and Restore Slider, and press the Import button on the right hand corner of the page.

You will get a success notification that your slider has been imported and you will be able to see all your slider images.

Recommended image size for the slider of the homepage is larger than 1920×750 pixels.

3. Bought Together Items

You can populate the Frequently Bought Together section by editing the settings of the WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce plugin.

Navigate to Plugins, scroll down to find WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce and click on Settings from your WordPress admin panel.

This is where you can change Default Products to related if you want related items to show, Position and all relevant settings according to your preferences. Press Update Options at the bottom of the page once you have updated your preferences (for further information on how WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce plugin works, please check here).

4. Importing Side Cart Plugin

In order to upload and activate the Side Cart plugin you need to:

1. Navigate to Plugins and click Add New

2. Click on Upload Plugin next to the “Add Plugins” title and Choose File to upload the file stored in your local drive, and then press Install Now

3. Once the installation is complete you will need to activate the plugin by clicking Activate Plugin

You should now be able to see the Side Cart in your site like below




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